Farm Assistant Job in Nebraska


farm assistant job

Farm Assistant Job in Nebraska for 2017

Position Title:                  Ranch/Farm Assistant

Position Type:                 Full Time

Organization Name:
      Bamesberger Farms

Organization Website:

Location (City, State):
   Indianola, Nebraska

Farm Assistant Job Description/Duties:

Duties will include working with cattle; calving, processing, fence fixing, pasture rotation, feeding (at feedlot), and shipping. Using a self propelled swather, raking, and baling alfalfa and corn stalks compliment our feeding entity. There will be operation of modern John Deere equipment with GreenStar guidance during planting, harvest, and spraying. Driving a semi truck to local terminals and performing center pivot operations, with maintenance involved on all equipment are additional duties. Occasional help will be needed at our hog confinement building; a foreman position would be available if interested in that area. During the winter we fabricate and perform winter maintenance on equipment in our heated shop. Our operation is a multiple employee business so you will be working with others often.

Qualifications or Skills Required for the Farm Assistant Job:

Must have a passion for this occupation and a desire to learn. A valid drivers license is mandatory with a clean driving record; a CDL is not required. Experience working with livestock, handling a truck, and knowledge of general maintenance is a must. Smoking is not allowed at the workplace. Willingness to learn will be satisfactory in all other areas.

Salary & Benefits:  

We offer a competitive salary depending on experience. We provide housing, health insurance, simple IRA, noon meal, and a work vehicle.

Contact Information/Instructions How to Apply:

Send resume and references to Phil Bamesberger, 71026 Road 399, Indianola, NE, 69034 or email to You can reach me by phone at 308-895-2281 or 308-737-1500 (cell).

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Livestock that are raised in restricted factory farms have less quality life than those raised on pasture. Animals when raised on gree pasture can move around and live a natural life where else in factory farms the animals are all crowded in confined facilities. These facilities have no sunshine or fresh air allowing bacteria to develope and affect the livestock. This then causes the animals being provided with antibiotics which is not good for the livestock.

Since a great deal of animals eat grass, grazing them on pasture has a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits will be the animals are able to produce saliva which is great for neutralizing acids that is in their gastrointestinal system. As grain fed livestock produce less saliva they often suffer from dehydration, intestine harm and even death.

Human Being Health Benefits:

Livestock raised on pasture produce more nutritious eggs, meat, milk which is good for consumers than livestock raised on grains. Adding to that, pasture raised foods have a much healthier balance of omega-3 plus omega-6 fats then your conventional foods. Their nutritional levels are greater as well.

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