“The Interests of UK Farmers are Best Served in the EU” – NFU

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NFU Supports Staying in EUThe interests of UK farmers are best served by the UK continuing its membership with the EU, according to the National Farmers’ Union (NFU).

Yesterday, the NFU Council met to discuss its position on the Brexit referendum, which takes place on June 23, 2016.
The NFU has said that it recognises and respects the diversity of views among its membership and that its position is based solely on an evaluation of the agricultural merits of the case and the NFU is fully aware there are many wider issues at stake.
A statement from the UK farming body said that it will not be actively campaigning in the referendum; it will not be joining with any campaign groups and it will not, in any circumstances, advise its members how to vote.
However, the NFU has said that it is the case that the Electoral Commission rules governing the referendum in effect mean that the NFU will be required to register to enable it to continue to carry out its essential role of informing members of the issues as they affect farmers.
The NFU Council resolves that on the balance of existing evidence available to us at present, the interests of farmers are best served by our continuing membership of the European Union.
Whether the vote is to stay or to leave, the NFU has said that it will always lobby to obtain the best possible deal for British farmers.
Yesterday’s vote by the NFU Council looked at key issues for UK farmers including the implications for agricultural trade with the EU and the rest of the world.
It also looked at the balance of risks of a national farm policy versus the CAP as well as the potential impacts for the wider food chain.

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When animals are kept in the pasture-based system they are let to graze openly and eat nutritious grass and other plants that are easily digested by their bodies. The livestock welfare is greatly increased when they graze on pasture.

Sustainable livestock farming also helps in reducing damage to the environment and the produces such as pork, eggs and milk is more nutritious and taste better then food from factory farms.

Animal Health Benefits:

Livestock that are kept in limited factory farms have less quality life than those raised on pasture. Animals when raised on pasture can move around and live a natural life where else in factory farms the livestock are all crowded in confined facilities. These facilities do not have sun light or fresh air allowing bacteria to grow and affect the livestock. This then results in the animals being given antibiotics which is not great for the livestock.

Since a whole lot of livestock eat grass, grazing them on pasture has a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits would be the livestock are able to produce drool which is good for neutralizing acids that is in their digestive tract. Seeing that grain fed livestock produce less saliva they frequently suffer from dehydration, intestine harm and even death.

Human Being Health Benefits:

Livestock raised on pasture produce more nutritious eggs, beef, milk which is good for consumers than livestock raised on grains. Adding to that, pasture raised foods have a more healthy balance of omega-3 plus omega-6 fats than your conventional foods. Their nutritional levels are higher as well.

It’s no uncertainty that sustainable livestock farming is the way to go if you want to be a successful livestock farmer. The livestock are reared in a healthy way and the produce is healthy for us humans.

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