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Growing Heart Farm

Growing Heart Farm Seeks Interns for the 2017 Season

Growing Heart Farm is a 2 acre organic vegetable farm in Pawling, New York. We are a yoga retreat center, wedding venue, campsite and much more. We have a CSA and sell at 3 markets. We grow an array of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and mushrooms. We also have Chickens, Dogs, and Bees. The farm is right off the Metro North train line from NYC so you don’t need a car to get away and explore. We are also located on the Appalachian trail! Awesome hiking and waterfalls close by and we have a Pond and natural spring on the property to play in on hot summer days.

This farm has an amazing community and we sometimes host very large parties. We do like to get down and party, when we are not working, so please take this into consideration before applying.

We often have extra work for pay beyond the required 25 hours a week.

Meals are prepared on your own except for Wednesday night potlucks.

If interested please specify when you would like to come and for how long.

We need people for 20-25 hours a week (depending on the season) to help us farm. Weeding, harvest, planting, watering and other farm tasks will be you primary duties.

We have 2 trailers available for people and couples who are able to commit to at least 2 month and plenty of camping space for people wanting to stay a shorter duration. (campers may be available for shorter stays depending if available)

We provide veggies from the farm as well as rice, beans, and oats and oil in exchange for 20-25 hours a week (depending on season).

Our farm is AWSOME! You will have fun. You will Learn how to farm a small scale organic farm. You will be treated very well at Growing Heart Farm.

We have outdoor showers, composting toilets, outdoor kitchen, wifi, washer and dryer.

**Looking for someone to lead yoga classes.**Music skills is a big Plus.**Farm experience is a big plus.**Spanish teaching skills is a plus.

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