Tilth Sustainability Internship Program in Washington

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tilth sustainability

South Whidbey Tilth Sustainability Internship Program for 2017 in Washington State

South Whidbey Tilth Association (Tilth) (www.southwhidbeytilth.org) is offering an internship to facilitate small-scale organic farming activities, community education and to manage the South Whidbey Tilth Farmers’ Market. The intern is based on the Tilth campus at 2812 Thompson Road off State Route 525 on South Whidbey Island. As time and permits, this program will also support the work of other food security projects including Grow Whidbey (community food production and garden-based education): the Good Cheer Food Bank Garden and the South Whidbey School District Farm and Garden Program.

Goals of this project include:

Increase public awareness of the South Whidbey Tilth Farmers’ Market and attract more vendors and customers to the market.
Build programs on South Whidbey Tilth’s 11.32 acres as a destination training center on sustainable food growing, marketing and land resource conservation practices.
Create a network of cooperation with other sustainable agriculture projects through the project leaders and interns/apprentices on Whidbey Island.

South Whidbey Tilth Sustainability Internship Training includes:

Leadership skills such as project management, volunteer coordination, outreach and publicity, working with varied age groups, and teaching and public speaking.
Ongoing mentoring and regular check-ins to support the professional and personal growth and development of the intern.
Classes and workshops through South Whidbey Tilth and partnering organizations to learn sustainable agriculture practices such as soil cultivation, growing starts, planting, seeding, irrigation, harvesting, produce management, hoop house cultivation, crop rotation, composting and vermiculture, record keeping, limited and supervised use of power tools and small machinery.

For the complete South Whidbey Tilth Sustainability Internship description, go to www.southwhidbeytitlh.org

Application deadline is Friday, February 17.

To apply for the South Whidbey Tilth Sustainability Internship email a resumé and statement addressing how you meet the minimum and preferred qualifications to Prescott, president, president@southwhidbeytilth.org. Or mail to South Whidbey Tilth, PO Box 252, Langley, WA 98260.

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