Top 4 advantages of using poultry cages in your farm and where to buy


A lot of farmers are making enquiry on how to get poultry cages for their birds. Did you know the reason for this? Well, battery-cage systems have a number of advantages; hence these farmers have seen the advantages of investing and keeping chickens in cages. The top 3 advantages of poultry cages to your poultry business include:

Layers in battery cages

1. Save Spaces

Farmers having a challenge of inadequate space should consider using poultry cages. A poultry cage allows higher stocking densities even where there is low floor space. You could double or triple your capacity of your pen with the help of cages. Furthermore, if you are interested in increasing or extending your flock size without constructing new pen houses, then getting cages is the best solution.

2. High Quality Poultry Products

Rearing conditions always have effect on chickens and their end-product quality. These conditions include air flow, sunshine and temperature. With cages, these conditions can be rightly conditioned to facilitate rapid growth of your birds and less exposure to diseases pathogens. Battery cages make automated feeding and drinking system possible. Birds can be provided with clean, fresh water through nipple drinkers, thus preventing contamination and wastage of water. Clean eggs can be collected at any time with less incidence of egg cracks or egg eating. A farmer that incorporates poultry cages into his farm under proper management should be getting more profits.

3. Low Cost of Labour

There is usually a lower need for labour when a battery-cage system is adopted because some of the management practices such as provision of water, vaccination and medication, etc. If a poultry farm is large and it makes use of battery cages, such farm will be able to save more money on labour, hence increasing its profits.

4. Fewer Incidences of Diseases or Infections

It is impossible for chickens to move around when kept in cages and this reduces the possibility of become infected with diseases due to interaction with sick birds. Furthermore, the rate of disease transmission is reduced, giving a farmer the sufficient time to handle any outbreak. Additionally, the birds don’t have access to their faeces, thus reducing contamination and transmission of diseases within the flock and poultry house.

Where to get high quality poultry cages?

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When livestock is kept in the pasture-based system they are let to graze freely and eat nutritious green grass and other plants that are easily digested by their bodies. The livestock welfare is greatly increased when they graze on green pasture.

Sustainable livestock raising also helps in lowering damage to the environment plus the produces such as meat, eggs and milk is more nutritious and taste better than food from factory farms.

Animal Health Benefits:

Livestock that are kept in restricted factory farms have less quality life compared to those raised on pasture. Animals when raised on pasture can move around and live a natural life where else in factory facilities the animals are all crowded in confined facilities. These facilities have no sun light or fresh air allowing bacteria to develope and affect the animals. This then leads to the animals being given antibiotics which is not best for the livestock.

Since a whole lot of animals eat grass, grazing them on pasture has a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits will be the livestock are able to produce saliva which is great for neutralizing acids that is in their digestive system. Since grain fed livestock produce less saliva they often suffer from dehydration, intestine harm and even death.

Human Being Health Benefits:

Livestock raised on pasture produce more nutritious eggs, meat, milk which is good for consumers than livestock raised on grains. Adding to that, pasture raised foods have a more healthy balance of omega-3 plus omega-6 fats than your conventional foods. Their vitamin levels are higher as well.

It’s no doubt that sustainable livestock farming is the way to go if you want to be a successful livestock farmer. The livestock are reared in a healthy way and the produce is healthy for us humans.

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